Transforming Salon Pros into Beauty Industry Leaders

As a salon professional, you help your clients achieve mind-blowing transformations every day. 

Isn’t it time you gave your business the same treatment?

Throughout her 25 years in the beauty industry, Tobey Ann Terry has witnessed many brilliant salon pros struggle to earn the income they deserve.

Today, as the owner of multiple beauty and coaching businesses and a trusted leader in the industry, Tobey is dedicated to helping salon pros achieve the profit and freedom
 they’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you need help growing your clientele, creating additional revenue streams, or gaining exposure as a beauty industry expert, Tobey has the experience, tools and resources
 to help you succeed.

Salon #1: Take Your Biz To The Next Level
3 x 60 Minute Sessions (Value: $1000. ) $697. 

Session #1:  Where Are You At Now & Where Do You Want To Head In Your Career
Session #2:  How To Take Your Career To The Next Level & Make More Money
Session #3:  Different Avenues To Attract & Keep Your Ideal Client

Salon #2: Beauty & Referrals
3 x 60 Minutes Sessions (Value: $1500.) My Gift to You: $997.

Session #1:  How To Grow Your Visibility Factor To Call In More Clients
Session #2:  Leverage Your Referral Partnerships To Make More Money
Session #3:  Connect The Dots Via Social Media & More In Order To Grow Your Client Base

Salon #3: Beyond The Salon
2 x 90-Minutes Session + Follow-up (Value $2000.) My Gift to You: $1597.

Session #1:  Multiple Revenue Streams Via Products & Services
Session #2: How To Start Growing Your Revenue Streams On Camera
Session #3: Bonus Follow Up Session and Achieve Beauty Consult